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“Ionizing radiation consists of subatomic particles that, on interacting with an atom, can cause the atom to lose one or more orbital electrons or even break apart its nucleus. Such events occurring in body tissues may lead to health problems.”   ~US Department of Transportation, FAA.

In addition to exposure from other passengers, flying exposes our body to a cascade of free radicals (those are molecules that are missing an electron). The Jet Setter IV is designed to provide you with high levels of antioxidants along with hydration to help you through your flight.


“Free radicals” are unstable molecules created by the stress of daily living that slam about the body causing damage to all of our systems including the brain, and accelerate the aging process. “Antioxidants” are the natural way these substances are neutralized. By supplementing the right type and amount of antioxidants at the right time, the damaging effects of free radicals can be neutralized.

Price – $165

This IV infusion will take approximately 30 minutes to infuse.

(note – use of this drip has not been proven to prevent disease or illness)

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