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1275 Wampanoag Trail, East Providence, Rhode Island 02915
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Living Longer, Healthier. Given our options, who wouldn’t want to live as long as they possibly could as long as they maintain robust health and a clear mind?

EAST BAY INNOVATIVE MEDICINE is your personal guidebook to a healthier, longer life. The most advanced, most credible, most safe and useful treatment, and preventive medicine interventions are all brought into one place to serve you individually.

With our expertise in prevention, weight loss and management, anti-aging and restorative medicine, as well as aesthetic medicine no one can serve all of your needs better. The old-style medicine of simply waiting for symptoms to occur and then reacting has never been adequate and is no longer tolerated and acceptable.  Most often the moment of prevention is lost and the outcomes are compromised.

Under EAST BAY INNOVATIVE MEDICINE, traditional primary care medicine has been enhanced by advances in life extension, brain preservation, and the science of weight loss and weight management medicine. We view the aging process not as a passive slide toward poor health, but as a constellation of conditions that can be effectively and safely modified.

EAST BAY INNOVATIVE MEDICINE brings a unique combination of a preventative primary care, anti aging, weight loss and aesthetic medicine to East Providence, close to your home at a price anybody can afford.

How we help Men

Imagine your best day in the prime of your life. Now imagine feeling that way every day. That’s what EAST BAY INNOVATIVE MEDICINE can do for you!

For men, the aging process occurs gradually, often times making it hard to recognize the loss of vitality because the changes are so subtle and occur over the course of time.  Many men don’t take the best care of themselves–tending not to pay attention to good nutrition or take care of their skin.

East Bay Innovative Medicine, can help men turn the tide by evaluating their nutrition, hormone levels, lifestyle and medical history to design a multifaceted approach to restoring and preserving their best health.

Holding on to a strong and vital body, a clear and healthy brain, youthful sexual function, as well as attention to healthy skin all adds up to a more complete and functional lifespan.

How we help Women

The aging process for women can be harsh and abrupt. In a relatively short period of time, there can be declining strength, skin quality, brain function, bone density, loss of sex drive and a general decline in energy and health.

Our plan starts with a comprehensive history as well as a nutritional, hormonal and lifestyle evaluation. Armed with all this information, an individual plan can be created to slow down and in some cases reverse the devastating effect of aging.

No matter what your age, there is a plan that fits your cycle of life.  Planning now to live your best tomorrow will keep you young and energized as long as you live.

Starting with the core of your health, focusing on lifestyle and nutritional optimization, incorporating hormonal support in a safe and healthy manner when needed, and focusing attention on preservation of youthful skin and hair, you can achieve your most energized and vital sense of well-being as well as your most youthful and healthy appearance.

Any Questions? Give us a call 1 (401) 437-0120

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1 (401) 437-0120

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1275 Wampanoag Trail,
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