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1275 Wampanoag Trail, East Providence, Rhode Island 02915
1 (401) 437-0120

Concierge Medicine

Better Medicine, More Freedom and Privacy with Concierge Medicine.

The need for a Doctor that treats all my needs have been filled! 

East Bay Innovative Medicine in EP, RI is a full spectrum medical practice which incorporates 

advanced anti-aging and functional medicine with the best in conventional medicine to develop 

a treatment plan that is unique for each patient. With the freedom of concierge medicine, we 

can utilize nutrition, nutraceuticals, cutting edge diagnostic testing and, if needed, 

pharmaceuticals without the restrictions placed on physicians in the insurance world. As an 

Osteopathic Physician, we are also able to address musculo-skeletal issues that may be 

affecting the health and wellness of each person. This includes prevention and treatment for 

many medical issues including infections (acute or chronic), Hypertension, Diabetes, Arthritis 

and Osteoporosis, Headaches, Fatigue, Dementia, neck & back pain and much more. 

Our Concierge Program is based on a monthly fee that gives each patient open access to Dr. 

Souza at all times to address current concerns or in a preventative roll.

Services such as:

  • Unlimited office visits with no added charges
  • Expanded care including:
    • Advanced Primary Care
    • Functional Medicine
    • Bio-Identical hormone support
    • Fitness and supplement guidance
    • House calls
    • Same day sick visits
    • No wait times!
    • Hospital visits if needed (will meet you in the ER)
    • Special telephone & email access to Dr. Souza
    • With concierge medicine, all of the “big ticket items” will still be covered by your insurance. Coverage for Labs, x-ray and hospitalization will remain unchanged. You will be adding another level of care designed to keep you your healthiest and minimize exposure to drugs, testing, and other invasive procedures.

More Freedom

Simply put, every time you see Dr. Souza, your treatment will not be influenced by the government or an insurance company. Together with him, you will be able to decide what is important and how best to use our resources to optimize your health and well-being.


Every insurance company and every government program reserves the right to look at your private medical record whenever they want without prior notification. These types of “audits” are happening with greater frequency and are exposing your medical records to review by non-medical clerks. In concierge practice, no one will be able to view your records without a subpoena or direct written permission from you.

Join Us!

This enhanced style of primary care will help you live your youngest, healthiest and longest life. In order to achieve all of this, we work together to explore your best options—with no limits.

The East Bay Innovative Medicine practice is restricted to approximately 175-200 clients. This small practice enables us to achieve higher levels of concentrated, highly personalized care.

to watch Dr. Souza explain what concierge medicine is.

To schedule an appointment, call 401-437-0120.

Any Questions? Give us a call 1 (401) 437-0120

Contact Number
Contact Number

1 (401) 437-0120

Our Location
Our Location

1275 Wampanoag Trail,
East Providence, Rhode Island 02915

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Email Address



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