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 One of the earliest signs of aging is the fine wrinkles that develop on our face.  As we expose our skin to the sun, environmental toxins and stress, our skin changes and our muscles tighten.  This will cause deeper wrinkles/lines to form resulting in skin that looks older and weathered. 

One way of reversing this process of facial aging is with Dysport/Botox injections. Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin are brand names for a particular strain of botulinum toxin that is diluted to a less potent version of the pure neurotoxins. These injections safely relax the muscle that they are injected into, without having an affect on the surrounding muscles. The Dysport/Botox injections are different for each person’s unique line/wrinkle pattern, muscle size and skin quality.

How does it work?

With each injection we target the muscle that is causing the lines and wrinkles. These muscles will not fully relax or be paralyzed as there should be some movement left which will result in a more natural look and not the “frozen look” that we want to avoid. These injections only affect the muscles that are injected and when used regularly the muscles decrease in size resulting in a younger appearance.

Are the injections painful?

The injections are extremely small so the pain is minimal.  The treatments usually take between 10-20 minutes. To prevent bruising, pressure and ice is helpful. Also be sure to avoid blood thinners like aspirin, NSAIDs (Advil, Motrin…), fish oil supplements the day of your treatment. There is no pain after the treatment.

How long will it last?

On average, a patient will regain full motion of the muscles that were treated in about three to four months. If treated regularly, patients have noticed that the effects may last longer.

What will I look like after treatment and will I have adverse effects?

In the majority of cases there should be no difference in your skin’s appearance. There can be some minor redness that can be covered up with make-up. Rarely there may be bruising but will be minimal.  Again, this can be covered up by make-up. Maximum effect should be within 1-2 weeks. A small minority of people will metabolize the product quickly, resulting in the effects lasting less than the three to four months expected.

When should I start Dysport/Botox?

Anytime that a wrinkle/line develops that is visually not acceptable, would be a good time to start treatment. The longer a wrinkle is present, the more likely it can develop pigmentary changes from the sun or environmental exposures so that when the Dysport/Botox is injected there may still be a “shadowing” where the wrinkle was.

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